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Time for a rant

Been a while since I've used this, thought i would use this as a way to vent out some of my frustrations with life, if by chance your reading this be warned it will contain loads of unedited and probably negative ranting.

I was diagnosed with asperger syndrome when i was about 10 i think been such a long time so kind of forgot exactly, anyways this been said its affected my whole life always been quiet, socially awkward, never really had any friends, I'm now 28 and completely miserable and depressed.

I've never been able to concentrate long enough to hold any interest or be good at anything its just so frustrating that i seem to have all of the negative aspects of this condition without any of the good points that come with the definition of aspergers, i would love nothing more than to be creative or fixated on an interest and be good at it!

Anyways rant off feeling bit better to post his up here rather than bottling it up, will probably post more next time I'm feeling down.

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Posted on 20 Aug 2014 by GreenTango.uK

GreenTango.co.uk - Site News

MAME cabinet upgrades

Finally got round to upgrading my MAME cabinet, added some more buttons, a coin door and a light gun! :)

More pictures can be found on my projects area of my site.

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Posted on 30 Aug 2009 by GreenTango.uK

GreenTango.co.uk - Site News

Upgraded my PC smile

Finally got enough funds to gether to buy a new PC, my old one has had a good 5 years use, glad i did as i can now play games on full settimg yay for graphics laughing.

Gone for the "Titan Goliath" Intel Core i7 920 gaming rig from www.overclockers.co.uk with an upgrade to a better graphics card, sound card and case, cost me around £1100 crying.

On top of this i've decided to go into the world of 3D gaming with nVidia GeForce 3D Vision Kit.
I must say after trying it out for the last week it deffiently adds a better feel to games, i can't wait for games to come out designed specifically for this bit of hardware. shame it costs around £400 to get kitted out at present!

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Posted on 02 Aug 2009 by GreenTango.uK

GreenTango.co.uk - Site News

New 32" LCD

Just splashed out on a new LCD tv, its full HD and 32" of greatness.

Plays like a dream with my ps3, wii and 360 set up on it, well worth the £430 spent!

Bought from amazon and would fully recommend it to anyone, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Toshiba-32AV555-Widescreen-Ready-Freeview/dp/B0012WTIFS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1237924117&sr=8-2

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Posted on 24 Mar 2009 by GreenTango.uK

GreenTango.co.uk - Site News

Unemployed sad

Was made redundant this month after 4 years working for I-play, today was my last day crying

Don't know what to do with myself now! got a whole month to myself before i need to find work! smile

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Posted on 27 Nov 2008 by GreenTango.uK

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